Computerized Spring Industries LLC Bristol, Connecticut USA 

We are manufactures of compression, extension, torsion, double torsion springs, stampings & flat stock as well as wire forms in music wire, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, brass, beryllium copper, 17-7 and other spring steel to meet your requirements.

Our key personnel have over a quarter of a century of experience in spring production and wire forming. 

Coupled with the latest in Computerized Spring Forming machinery you get a dynamic company ready to meet your toughest challenges.  

CSI more than a spring manufacture
We are Committed to provide

We are happy to provide engineering and design assistance and are always looking to improve quality or reduce cost when applicable.

Special Finishes & Coatings ~ Miniatures  

Prototypes to Large runs and Assemblies

Committed to Quality . . . ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Computerized State-of-the-art spring making guarantees you will get a product that is unmatched in the industry.          

From design through prototype to production . . .
 CSI provides solutions.

ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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